"I absolutely LOVE your products!"

It’s dramatically helped my face become softer - closer to the skin I had in high school. Before, when exfoliating and trying products on my face, it broke out a lot. Now I have less breakouts and blackheads. Facial steaming has helped my face tremendously!

-Amanda V.

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    Thanks to your generosity and the Good+Foundation 10% of profits go towards helping under resourced families get the support they need.

  • 5 Stars Quality

    Approved by regular people just like you, our Facial Steamer has received thousands of 5 star reviews and social media praise.

  • 100 Day Gurantee

    Get clearer skin for 100 days and if for some reaosn you don't love any Beauty Tools product return it for a complete refund.

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Revitalize Your Skin

Perfect for parties, girls nights, and those relaxing moments of daily maintenance, the Complete Spa Bundle combines all the invigoration of a spa day at home, with the same professional-level med spa results. Take yourself on a sensory beauty journey through softening, hydrating, exfoliating, and glowing with our signature 3-piece Spa Bundle routine.

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    “If you like to take care of yourself and you want to do it at home without appointments, wait and hassle.. if you want to have your self-care in the sanctuary of your home, this is w⋆hat you're looking for.”

    -Lisa Z.

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    “It’s absolutely wonderful! I got it as a gift for my mom and she’s loving it. She’s constantly telling me to touch her face, and feel how smooth it is, and there’s definitely a significant difference!”

    -Angel M.

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    “I am absolutely in love with it...the facial steamer is amazing! I literally cannot believe how much the cleaning instrument sucked out my blackheads!!! My face feels so much cleaner, and smoother!”

    - Lauren S.